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Designed from the bottom as much as be the strongest, most comfy, and most resonant ceramic slide attainable, this porcelain stoneware guitar slide rocks the right combo of artwork and science, designed to provide the finest slide guitar taking part in expertise you’ve got ever had. By a collaboration between Justin Johnson and Jim Dunlop, the brand new Justin Johnson Signature Guitar Slide incorporates a proprietary mixture of porcelain stoneware core and a particularly formulated glaze, which mix to impart a bell-like resonance and tonal high quality that no different slide on this planet possesses. Mix that with the lightweight ease of taking part in you get from the porcelain core and the un-glazed interior cylinder, which absorbs sweat and grips your finger, and you’ve got a slide that sings with soul and feels so comfy, you’d swear it was part of your physique.

The Justin Johnson Signature Guitar Slide ships worldwide and is available in three sizes to accommodate to completely different hand shapes and taking part in kinds.

Please use the beneath measurement reference to precisely gauge which slide measurement is best for you.

LARGE: Interior Diameter: 7/8 in = 22.2mm
MEDIUM: Interior Diameter: 3/4 in = 19 mm
SMALL: Interior Diameter: 11/16 in = 17.5 mm
Size: 2.75 in = 70 mm​

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