Ukulele Mahogany Pin Badge

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Ukulele Mahogany Pin Badge

Chrissie at Music Jewelry On-line is happy to share our new design Ukulele pin badge for our 2020 vary.

There are 4 essential sizes in ukuleles. Soprano, live performance, tenor and baritone. Extra just lately thesopranissimois additionally gaining reputation, this one is even smaller (16 inches, 40 cm) than the soprano sized ukulele. Thesopranohowever is themost conventional measurement at 20 inches (51 cm). That is the commonest one and in addition the scale that most individuals affiliate the ukulele with, it additionally makes that actual typical traditional ukulele sound.

Our pin badge is themed on theThe Satin Mahogany.

Mahogany: That is one in every of, if not the commonest wooden used for musical devices.

The normal design is the right pin badge or present for any Ukulele lovers!

Etched with “Music Jewelry On-line” on the reverse you might be assured this design is exclusive to us right here at MJO

Our Pin Badges are crafted in a brass and comfortable enamel and baked laborious with a nickel plating.

Ukulele Dimension: 40mm

Thanks to our pretty buyer who shared his image with us!

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